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Demo Reel

Lupe has written, produced and directed Descubierta, The Girls of Santa Fe, Piñata, Are we going or are we staying? , With and  A of Illusion, From Miracielos to Hospital, Gregor Mc Gregor, Matarile, Eva, Adam, mostly in Caracas but also in Paris, Montreal, London, Montpellier, Barcelona, Curacao and NYC:


Eva (The Producers Club, IATI, PAM Festival), The Guardian Angel (The Living Theather; Repertorio Español, 4th Street Theather, Salsa (The Lee Strasberg Institute), Bolero (La TEA Theather), Alice in Teresa's Land (The Producers' Club), Catch Minnie (La Tea Theather), Dec 2015.


More recently:


Bolívar Coronado (Teatro Proncipal/Teatro TET/Teatro Trasnocho, 2014, Caracas) Gimnasio de Actores, directed by Matilde Corral. Ni que nos vayamos nos podemos ir (BOD Cultural Center, May-December 2015 / Trasnocho Cultural, May-July 2016, Caracas) directed by Oswaldo Maccio. Cruz de Mayo (BOD Cultural Center, May-July 2016) directed by O. Maccio. Gregor Mc Gregor (El Portón de Sanchez, October-December 2015 / April-May 2016 , Buenos Aires).


Gregor Mac Gregor and Cruz de Mayo are been co-produced by Argentina and Venezuela for Public Television, part of a series about Venezuelans Playwrights.


Awarded with Juana Sujo Prize, National Theather Award in Venezuela, ANAC (Film Authors Association VNZLA), CASA, and "Actors of the World" Award, London. Nominated for Isaac Chocron Playwright Award, and AVENCRIT (Theather Critics Association of Venezuela) Award, 2016.

In October 2015, she was invited to join the DIRECTOR'S UNIT under Estelle Parsons at the Actors Studio.


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