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Gregor Mac Gregor, born in Scotland, died in Venezuela after becoming a national hero. He participated in many battles in the struggle for the independence of  the Americas. In his tropical adventures it became possible for him to invent a country, in what is now the country of Nicaragua. Those lands and it richness served him to convince the London Stock Exchange to invest. In England he is mentioned in studies in economics for his bombastic scams; in Venezuela he appears in all the history books and there are several streets that bear his name. In Paris he waas arrested in 1826...

This is his story, the story of a dream or the history of a big scam...?

Everyone is free to judge according to his or her understanding: the victory of the winner has the same origin as the defeat of the vanquished. Eleven scenes, two women, faced by their notion of truth, of justice, of what is best... Two visions, two worlds: Josefa Antonia Lovera, Venezuelan, cousin of  Simón Bolívar, his wife... Marie Rosette, French reporter, a supporter of  South American revolutionary ideas... his lover? ... among them , Gregor, the hero imprisoned.

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